anywhere it will make a difference


There are different approaches to consultancy. Expert consultants bring what they know and download it into your organisation. Process consultants know how to work with you to define needs or opportunities; assess what’s available to meet them; fill in the gaps and move things forward. 14A is at the Process end of the spectrum.

Whether we’re working with you on strategy development; leadership development; organisational change; team dynamics or individual learning, it’s rarely about us just providing answers. That’s not to say we’re vague or timid in expressing a view or sharing our knowledge and experience when it will help. However, our real skill is in helping you take full ownership of your decisions and learning in a way which significantly increases the likelihood of being able to translate them into action.


We apply our approach in a number of formats. These include:

  • Team and 1:1 Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Change & Development
  • Cross Organisation & Sector Collaboration
  • Skills Development Workshops
  • Keynotes

Whichever fits, we start by identifying the outputs and outcomes you’re looking for. We end by assessing whether these have been achieved, and by noticing what else has emerged which couldn’t have been anticipated at the outset.