Bilingual Speech Activation

What you say about our Bespoke consultancies

“The consultancy was effective – my child now speaks pure Finnish language. Mixed sentences appear very rarely, and he notices them himself and self-corrects by switching to Finnish or asking me how to say it in Finnish.”
(Bilingual Speech Activation in six weeks from a baseline where the 4-year-old child had stopped speaking Finnish after starting early years education)

“We had our first consultation session when my daughter just started talking, but was doing it almost exclusively in English, despite me talking to her in Russian all the time. Now our daughter is 3, and she’s fully capable of having a conversation in Russian, without resorting to English. Soile is a great professional, deeply caring about her subject, with enough depth of knowledge – always based on science – to answer even the trickiest questions. I can only recommend Soile wholeheartedly.”
(Russian-speaking dad, living in the UK with an English-speaking partner)

“Soile developed a customized consulting programme for me, presenting a relevant theoretical framework in a practical way and providing powerful strategies that I could put in action right away with my bilingual child. She gave me motivation by pointing out what is going well already and what I can do differently. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future. I highly recommend you get in touch with her for valuable knowledge, theories and strategies on bilingualism.”
 (Feedback from a Finnish-English bilingual family in Canada)