Chris and Ann provided process and design support for a major education symposium involving over 200 businesses, schools, government officials and young people from across the UK.   Their support enabled an event which not only looked gorgeous but felt it too - full of ideas, energy and impact.

Fiona Rawes, Director of Education Campaigns at Business In the Community 


Having worked with both Chris and Ann at 14a for the past four years I can confidently describe them as the dynamic duo. Their broad range of skills, expertise and experience makes 14a ‘stand out’ from the run of the mill consultancy organisations or teams. If you want innovation, originality and creativity interwoven with sound theoretical knowledge and you are willing to take a few risks then you have found the right people. Chris’s credentials in working within the realms of team dynamics, group facilitation, inspirational communication and leadership development are second to none. His ability to synthesise information and then tailor development according to the audience, organisation, culture and system are remarkable and is always delivered with total commitment and integrity. 14a are a team you want to work with time and time again because you ultimately trust in their intent to reliably do the very best job possible.

Sam Whale, NGB Leadership Development Manager, UK Sport 


You were a great hit with my colleagues. All sorts of compliments from all sorts of people. Thank you ever so much. Your gift of enthusing others is unparalleled.

Paul Smee  Director General   Council of Mortgage Lenders


"Chris Grant and 14a Conversations helped us, right from the start, not just to shape Chain Reaction in the right way, but also to believe that something this ambitious was possible. We had absolute confidence in Chris and loved watching him work his magic over the two days of the event. Chris drew together a very diverse group of participants - over 1000 people, from 16 countries, at least 200 aged under 21, community organisations from up and down the country and beyond, artists, social entrepreneurs, bloggers and techies, business leaders and Government Ministers - creating an environment where they could connect with each other, collaborate on new ideas and commit to working together in the future, all with good humour, boundless energy and infectious warmth. Feedback from participants has been that it was unique, magical, life changing. It has been an absolute pleasure working with 14a and we’re looking forward already to the next time.” 


Geraldine Blake - Head of Links UK




"In fifteen years of planning conferences and working with many different facilitators, I have never had the pleasure of collaborating with anyone quite like Chris Grant. The depth, dimension and cohesion he adds to our gatherings is extraordinary. He is not only a brilliant facilitator who draws more out of speakers and participants alike; he is also a masterful orchestrator of themes and threads woven into the program from the very early design stages. Chris’s impact on our conference has been, in a word, transformative."


Greg Fuson - Vice President of Content Development, PCBC

Cultivator of The Vine Conference





"The Urban Land Institute engaged Chris Grant and Ann Lyon to guide 250 urban thinkers, developers and financiers in an exploration of what it would take to create a sustainable urban future. Through nothing less than alchemy, the experience transformed both the participants and the Institute, and most likely will change the future of our cities."


The Urban Land Institute  Washington, DC



Testimonials from The Vine Conference - California 


"Chris is among the best I've seen and, having facilitated as a professional for many years, I've seen a bunch! Furthermore, in adition to his "on stage" performance, I suspect he played a leadership role in the process design - which was simply outstanding!"


"Really excellent, warm, personable, involved, engaging, kept material flowing and tied it all together beautifully. Never experienced anyone close to his caliber as a facilitator"


"Absolutely the best facilitator in my experience"


"LOVED him! Smooth, inspiring and positive. Kept things moving in an excellent way"


"What a delightful, insightful, bright and adaptive human being. He deepened the conference in profound ways"


"Brilliant. I actually took notes about his moderating style and technique. In a tangible way, he understands community as well as any of the other speakers we listened to"


"You must bring him back for the next one... he is excellent"